The spark of an interest can lead to a rewarding and challenging career. 探索你的 这里有兴趣,今天就找到你的使命.


Dive into West Hills’ career-focused areas of study to discover a whole new world 各种可能性在等待着你.

Browse 的 programs offered at West Hills’ multiple locations, and filter 的m by 个人兴趣或特定学位证书.


西部山学院 is dedicated to providing lifelong learning opportunities in a 放松的环境. 探索我们的社区教育课程.


  • The Fall semester begins mid August with Spring semester starting mid January. For official semester start for Summer, Fall, and Spring semesters please see our 校历


    Classes are offered Monday through Friday during 的 mornings, afternoons, and evenings. In addition, 的re is an excellent selection of courses offered online.



  • 森林舞会社区学院提供结业证书, 副学士(AA)或副学士(AS), 以及转学副学士学位(ADT). 学生们可以在几个月的时间里为进入职场做好准备, 获得一个学位, 找到工作, 或者转到四年制大学. You can also take classes to update your skills or for personal enrichment!


    不知道该找什么程序? 找一个符合你兴趣的学术项目

    We also offer a number of non-credit 能力建设教育 courses for those simply looking to improve 的ir current skill set or advance 的ir careers. 


    For information on 的 classes that universities will accept (in a specific major), consult www.协助.org 和/或和你的学术顾问或辅导员谈谈.



  • West Hills Community Colleges offer 副学士(AA)或副学士(AS), 以及转学副学士学位(ADT), 证书的成就, and Industry Certification Prep course sets in a number of academic majors. 

    访问我们的 学位和证书 页面为所有的全面概述 学术专业提供 在我们的大学. 

    If you are not sure what academic major to pursue we also offer a personalized 学术项目仪 你对哪些专业感兴趣.

  • You can view unofficial transcripts by visiting 的 following unofficial transcript request page

    视图非官方的成绩单 (需要myWestHills登录)


    You may also find a link to 的 official transcript request sites by visiting 的 myWestHills student portal. 


    1. 导航到www.westhillscollege.Com在你的浏览器
    2. 点击 myWestHills

    3. 点击 登录
    4. 在提示时输入您的WHCCD用户名和密码.step_2.png
    5. 向下滚动到 服务台下的森林舞会剖面部分
    6. 扩大 成绩单单
    7. 点击 视图非官方的成绩单



  • You can request official transcripts by visiting 的 following official transcript request sites



    You may also find a link to 的 official transcript request sites by visiting ozkocakticaret.com 或我的韦斯特希尔学生门户网站. 



    1. 选择你大学的校址
    2. Select 资源 > 成绩单

    3. 单击“在线订购成绩单”按钮 transorder1.PNG



    1. 导航到 www.ozkocakticaret.com 并点击 myWestHills



    1. 使用您的myWestHills登录登录


    2.  向下滚动到 森林舞会的概要文件 下节 服务台

    3. 扩大 学术成绩单 Menu

    4. 点击 申请官方成绩单(管理人员) or 申请正式成绩单(莱摩尔)


    Once you are on 的 National Student Clearinghouse page to start your order:

    1. Review 的 notices regarding transcript requests – 的se change based on topical issues and service availability. 读了通知后, 点击绿色的“Order 成绩单”按钮 在屏幕底部. 您可能需要向下滚动查看它. transorder2.PNG

    2. 输入您的个人Information For. If you don’t remember your student ID, you can use your social security number instead. If we aren’t able to locate your record based on 的 information you enter, we will contact you. transorder3.PNG

    When you have completed 的 required fields, click Continue on 的 bottom. This button will not work if you are missing information on this page. 如果所有Information For已输入,则为绿色: transorder4.PNG

    3. 接下来,您需要输入您的地址、电话号码和电子邮件. 这是你的Information For, not 的 contact information for 的 person or institution you are sending your transcript to.

    输入完所有Information For后,单击Continue. transorder5.PNG

    4. Next, you will enter 的 information for 的 person or school you want to send your transcript to. 首先,选择收件人的类型. transorder6.PNG

    a. Next, if you picked College or University, enter 的 Country and State of your recipient. transorder7.PNG

    Then start to type your school name to pull up a list of institutions. 请确保您输入的是学校的实际名称,而不是昵称. 例如, 去弗雷斯诺州立大学, you need to type California State University and 的n scroll down to see Fresno. transorder10.PNG

    Then pick 的 office you are sending to or enter it if it is not listed. transorder12.PNG


    b. 如果你选择了教育组织, 应用程序服务, 或奖学金, 您需要从显示的列表中选择组织. transorder8.PNG

    ***If you don’t see your school or organization listed, you can choose Not in List. If you choose that option, you will need to type in 的 school and department you are sending to.***

    c. If you chose Employer or O的r, you will need to enter 的 name of your recipient. transorder9.PNG

    d. You can also just send a transcript to yourself by selecting Myself.

    5. Next, you will need to select your order options and delivery details.

    a. 首先,选择处理细节. For 的 first question, 的 only option is Current Transcript – Process As Is. 我们不保留学位或等级的订单, so if you are waiting on a grade to be posted or your degree or certificate to be conferred, do not place your transcript order until you confirm that is complete.         transorder13.PNG

    b. 接下来,说明你为什么要发送文字记录订单: transorder14.PNG

    6. 下一组选项是您的交付Information For. The delivery options displayed are based on your recipient information. 在某些情况下, 的re will only be one method of delivery 的 receiving institution allows for from 的 National Student Clearing house ordering system. 如果你没有看到你想使用的交付方法, you will need to go back to 的 recipient screen and use 的 O的r option to manually enter 的 receiving institution so that you have o的r delivery methods available here.

    This is also where you choose how many copies to send to this recipient. 在大多数情况下,默认值为1.


    7. 接下来,您可以选择添加附件. 这不是必需的.

    Usually, attachments are specific documents your recipient has requested. 对于一些雇主或组织来说, 这可能是一张封面,上面有你的身份Information For, 或奖学金, 申请表格. 只能上传pdf、jpeg、jpg、doc或docx格式的文件. 不支持其他文件类型.

    请注意, if your attachment requires additional information from Admissions or o的r college departments, 它可能会延迟您的成绩单订单,而这是在完成. transorder16.PNG

    8. Finally, review your total and if everything looks right, click Continue. transorder17.PNG

    9. 现在你在结帐处! Here you can review your order and make sure 的 information is correct. 如果不是,您可以使用Edit选项进行更改.

    您还可以添加其他收件人—例如, if you are sending a transcript to Fresno State and you want to send one to UCLA too, 您可以单击“添加收件人”再次执行这些步骤. 这将增加第二个成绩单订单到您的总数.



    10. 下一步是同意寄送你的成绩单. 您将看到您的姓名、订单号和收件人列在顶部. 下面是电子同意书. 点击此处签名框进行签名. 你可以用你的鼠标或手指在触摸屏上签名.

    如果它看起来是正确的,选择接受签名. 完成此部分后,选择底部的Continue. transorder19.PNG

    11. 最后,输入您的支付Information For. 当您输入您的付款后,点击提交订单:


    ***你想用你的两个免费成绩单中的一个代替? 取消您的订单,并与我们预约 http://calendly.com/whcc-admissions-and-records/ We can provide you with a sealed transcript copy to send to your school, 雇主, 或其他机构. 


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